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Committee Members For Year 2021-2022


Mr. Joseph Wan


Vice Chairpersons:                

Mr. R.K.Y. Cheng

Ms. Phyllis Lo

Mr. Victor Lee


Secretary (English):

Mr. Rudy Chung

Secretary (Chinese):

Mrs. Prudence Ann



Mr. Michael Cheung


Convenors of Traffic Sub-Committee:

Mr. Victor Lee, Mrs. Yuki Yip, and Ms. Iris Chan

Responsible for school bus monitoring, and traffic policy advice

Convenors of Lunch Sub-Committee:

Mr. Joseph Wan and Mr. YP Lau

Responsible for lunch menu and kitchen/tuck-shop monitoring

Convenors of Academic & Education Affairs:

Ms. Iris Chan and Mrs. Yuki Yip

Responsible for parent education and student cultural activities


Convenors of Social Activities:

Mrs. Joanne Chan Ling, Mr. YP Lau, Mrs. Yuki Yip, Mrs. Prudence Ann, Ms. Winnie Ng, Mr. Rudy Chung, Ms. Iris Chan, Mr. Michael Cheung, Ms. Lily Chui, Mr. Joseph Wan, Ms. Hilary Choi, and Mr. Victor Lee

Responsible for events such as Garden Fete & Fete Lunch, Cleaning Day, Open House, PTA Outing, G6 Graduation Dinner, G1 Fun Quiz and other activities

Convenors of Community Service Sub-Committee:

Mr. Michael Cheung and Mrs. Prudence Ann

Responsible for organization of community service activities

Convenors of Sports Sub-Committee:

Mr. Rudy Chung and Ms. Lily Chui

Responsible for soccer practices and organization of sports activities

Convenors of Environmental Protection Sub-Committee:

Mrs. Prudence Ann and Mr. Joseph Wan

Responsible for supporting new green initiatives


Mr. Victor Lee and Ms. Lily Chui


Mr. Rudy Chung

Student Welfare/Merchant Offers:

Mrs. Yuki Yip and Mrs. Prudence Ann

IT and Website Design:

Ms. Winnie Ng and Mr. Rudy Chung

Immediate Past Chairperson:

Dr. William Chan

School Representatives:

Coordinator: Mrs. Emily Yip

Assistant Coordinator: Mr. Ryan Li

Teacher Representatives: Mr. Nick Leung and Ms. Katie Chan