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Chairperson's Welcome

Welcome to the DBSPTA-PD website.

The PTA for Primary division was established in 2005 with the goal to bridge the communication between parents, teachers and the school.


The objectives for which the Association is established are:-

  1. For the advancement of education, to promote home-school co-operation and better home-school relations among the parents and teachers of Diocesan Boys’ School 拔萃男書院

  2. To facilitate communication and exchange of views among Parents, Teachers, Students, management and administration in matters of mutual concern and to foster a concerted effort for the advancement of education.

  3. To support, assist and co-operate with the School for advancement of education.


There are 12 parents representatives on the executive committee, with 2 from each grade, elected every year at the beginning of the school year during the annual general meeting.

We organized various events to enhance the bonding for the school community and also serve as a conduit for any feedback in either direction.

We welcome any suggestions on any relevant topics from traffic issues, event proposal, to communication channels.

Please feel free to reach us at

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