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2019 is a remarkable year to the DBS community as we honour our 150th Anniversary. My warmest welcome to all Grade One boys and families as you join us just in time for a series of celebration. I am sure you are getting ready for your wonderful journey at DBSPD. In the coming years, you will be cheering for your boys when they are sweating in sport field, shedding tears when they make the music of angels on stage, getting amazed at their creative work and bursting into laughter when they simply do silly things with classmates. I have enjoyed all these in the past eight years with my two boys at DBSPD and for sure our school will bring these precious moments to your family, too.

Having served in the PTA for eight years, I have witnessed the evolvement of the PTA to an active and energetic committee engaging in lots of school functions and students’ development. “Unity of home and school, life with love and care” has always been my motto since I started serving the PTA. While school plays an important role in education, it is only with the concerted efforts of parents and teachers that positive values and attitudes can be instilled effectively in our boys. We are the gardeners, and together we lay fertile soil for our boys to blossom into prosperity.

Being a parent member in DBS family is a unique experience. At DBSPD, parents are encouraged to be involved in our boys’ learning and development at school. Not only the boys are busy in various learning opportunities, but parents also have a share in most school events. In the past year our PTA had a busy schedule in various vibrant school events and PTA-organized activities. Cheers and happiness were with us in many of these activities and there were also challenges along the way. We are grateful to have received lots of positive feedbacks and it is certainly the dedicated work of all parties that makes the school academia, environment and programs to move forward.

This newsletter has summarized our work in the past year. To me it is a collection of happy memories with my fellow parents and PTA executive committee members. The job would not be accomplished without the unrelenting support from Ms. Phyllis Lo and other teachers. Credits also go to the parent volunteers who have squeezed their precious time serving in PTA activities. I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed the year with PTA as much as I have. As my little boy steps into the Secondary Division, it is time for me to bid farewell to you all. I am confident that the DBSPTA- PD will continue the mission of serving the school, students and parents. Hong Kong is in a very challenging time. It is everyone’s duty to safeguard our home and advance forward to a brighter future. “Learners today, Leaders tomorrow”. With the faithful nurturing environment of DBS, we look forward to seeing a new generation of leaders for a better Hong Kong. May I wish you all a fruitful journey as part of the DBS family in the years ahead.

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